Balanced, powerful, and yet refined for this Champagne with a pale straw appearance and bouquet of dry fruits.

Assemblage of a single cru with exceptional wines of a single year and selected grapes from our oldest vines.

Chardonnay – 34 %
Pinot Noir – 33 %
Pinot Meunier – 33 %

Appearance : Luminous yet dense, with a pale golden colour and reflections of clear straw yellow.

Nose : The nose expresses concentration with notes of ginger, pistachio and roasted hazelnut.

Palate : The palate is soft and fresh and develops a lemon acidity.

It is a fully developed champagne whose velvet taste and depth will delight those who appreciate the finer things in life. Perfect fit for a filet of Saint-Pierre, seafood, fresh foie gras, confit of apple-onion-quince or with a filet mignon of pork.

Serve at a temperature of 9°C in a thin, curved cup.

Bottle – 750 ml

Bottle – 750 ml