With a clean and fresh palate developing a lemon acidity, it is the ideal champagne for aperitif, or food with salty notes.
Also available in 1/2 bottles and magnum.

Assemblage of a single cru, with reserve wines whose proportion may vary depending on the year.

Chardonnay – 100%

Appearance : Bright, fluid, pale green with bright yellow highlights.

Nose : Clean and fresh with a hint of the sea. Notes of iodized limestone, acacia and lemon flowers.

Palate : The palate is clean and fresh and develops lemon acidity.

It is the ideal champagne for aperitif, with an iodine signature giving options for food with salty notes : raw salmon and drops of olive oil with yuzu, or green asparagus and tails of crayfish, gherkins or medium fresh Brillat-Savarin cheese.

Serve at a temperature of 9°C in a thin, curved cup.

Half-bottle – 375 ml
Bottle – 750 ml
Magnum – 1500 ml