Cépages d’antan

Bottle – 750 ml


It is a unique-category champagne that gains, over time, more character and precision.


An exceptional cuvee made of three very rare historic white grape varieties, and with wines from a single year.

Grape selection

Arbane – 40 %
Petit Meslier – 40 %
Pinot Blanc – 20 %


Serve at a temperature of 10°C in a thin, curved cup.


Bottle – 750 ml

Tasting notes

Bright, fairly dense, pale yellow gold with green and bright yellow tones.

Expression of the soil with touches of ginger accompanied by lemon and grapefruit.

This Champagne shows a clean and fresh palate, and develops a lemon acidity.
The result is compact and concentrated, allowing the expression of its limestone minerality, and a freshness embodied by aromatic herbal flavours.

Food pairing witch champagne

It is a unique-category Champagne that gains, over time, more character and precision. Served with caviar, sushi, roasted Saint-Pierre fillet and Jerusalem artichoke puree with hazelnut oil.

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