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since 1794

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Delicate bubbles and a complex aroma reflect the skill and patience needed to produce a great Cuvée. Our Champagne is the expression of the character of our terroir a fitting homage to our great grandmother Aspasie who gives her name to our brand.

Champagne Aspasie is a magical invitation to celebrate exceptional moments.



Heir to a long line of Champagne winemakers, Paul-Vincent Ariston and his wife Caroline perpetuate two centuries of wine-making tradition in Brouillet, a village in the Vallée de l’Ardre, west of Reims. A notarial deed, dated January 13, 1794, attests to this.

For five generations, the family has cultivated the art of the vine and perpetuates a unique know-how, rich in experiences, gestures and passions handed down day after day.

Although the farm has evolved over time, borrowing from modernity elements of progress and dynamism, each of these contributions has been integrated with the utmost vigilance and with respect for the fundamental values of the House: demand for quality and fidelity to tradition.

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The House has always been concerned with respect for the environment.
It is certified HVE (High Environmental Value) and VDC (Sustainable Champagne
Viticulture) and has been converting to Organic Agriculture since 2022.

As an ambassador for its region, Maison Aspasie operates 12 hectares of vineyards,
of which the “Old Vines” of almost 30 years make up the majority.

The House works 4 rare grape varieties, which were cultivated by our ancestor Aspasie:
Arbanne, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. These grape varieties, as well as Chardonnay,
Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, are crushed on the family press, Coquard brand, one of the most qualitative in Champagne.

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